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Post  The Oncoming Storm Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:05 pm

Thankfully, we don't have many rule breakers at all here. So we don't have to dish out many punishments at all. However should we have to, here's what can happen:

We grade our rules in 3 levels - Grade 1 Offence, Grade 2 Offence, Grade 3 Offence. A Grade 1 offence is a pretty minor offence, such as spam. Grade 2 is a bit more serious, such as starting a flame war. A Grade 3 offence is a serious offence, like cyberbullying or posting pornographic content.

Grade 1 Event
First time - Warning
Second time - 24 hr ban
Third time - 1 month ban
After this 1 month ban, your record will be wiped.

Grade 2 Event
First time - 24 hr ban
Second time - 1 week ban
Third time - 2 month ban
After this 2 month ban, your record will be wiped, but you will only have 2 chances. If you reach another 2 month ban, your record is wiped, but you have 1 chance. If you reach another ban, this time you will be permabanned

Grade 3 Event
First time - perma ban
You do not have any other chances. Grade 3 events are incredibly serious and will not be tolerated. After 3 months you can get in touch with the forum and appeal your ban. It may be lifted. If you return, and commit another offence, even if it's Grade 1, you will be banned permanently, with no chance of appeal.

It is up to the mods what grade they judge your event. We don't want to have to give any permabans, but believe us we will.

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The Oncoming Storm
The Oncoming Storm

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