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The Adventures Of Goomba

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The Adventures Of Goomba

Post  Drsuperwho on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:21 pm

Episode 1

The First Encounter

Written by The 11th Doctor and DSW

Goomba is playing his xbox 360 and playing The Beatles:Rock band when a disturbance occurs...

[16:31] Goomba: Yes!
[16:31] Goomba: I got the orange button!
[16:31] Goomba: that is usually difficult
[16:31] Goomba: I could probably play a real guitar
The Man has added you as a freind
[16:32] Goomba: Hmm
[16:32] Goomba: Sounds ok I guess
The Man wants a private chat
[16:33] Goomba: *clicks accept*
[16:33] Goomba: Heya Man
[16:33] The Man: Hello Mr Goomba
[16:33] Goomba: ooo
[16:33] Goomba: Mr
[16:34] Goomba: why did you add me?
[16:34] The Man: Oh should I say Deary
[16:34] The Man: I want someyhing off you
[16:34] Goomba: No thank you
[16:34] Goomba: what
[16:34] Goomba: my drums
[16:34] Goomba: my rock band drums
[16:34] Goomba: yeah
[16:34] Goomba: but for a week
[16:34] Goomba: The guitar
[16:34] Goomba: Halo Reach?
[16:35] Goomba: Man
[16:36] The Man: Yes?
[16:36] The Man: Like I said
[16:36] The Man: I want you Hand
[16:36] Goomba: in marrige?!
[16:36] Goomba: I only met ya on xbox live!
[16:37] The Man: No
[16:37] The Man: you actuall Hand
[16:37] The Man: Your robotic Hand
[16:37] Goomba: The robot hand?
[16:37] The Man: Yes
[16:38] Goomba: It is not for sale
[16:38] The Man: It is
[16:38] The Man: To me
[16:38] Goomba: how do you know
[16:38] Goomba: about it anyways?
[16:38] Goomba: *looks at collection of newspapers with Goomba in headline*
[16:39] Goomba: Oh yes
[16:39] Goomba: well no
[16:39] Goomba: you can't
[16:39] Goomba: Going offline now
[16:39] Goomba: Bye!
[16:39] Goomba: *turns xbox off*
[16:40] The Man: Dam!!

A Day later...

[18:51] Goomba: *checks computers
[18:51] Goomba: hmm
[18:51] Goomba: QI is on
[18:52] Goomba: Should check the news
[18:52] Goomba: *turns sky news on*
[18:52] Goomba: Newsperson:A man called the man
[18:52] Goomba: has kidnapped
[18:53] Goomba: who star Karen Gillan
[18:53] Goomba: and has this to say
[18:54] The Man: I want Goomba's Hand
[18:54] The Man: Or Gillian gets it
[18:55] Goomba: Ploppers...
[18:55] Goomba: *leaves in a hurry*
[18:55] Goomba: *goes outside
[18:55] Goomba: Right use my tracker on ipod touch
[18:55] Goomba: *type name in*
[18:55] Goomba: ok!
[18:56] Goomba: *arm extends
[18:56] Goomba: grabs building
[18:56] Goomba: *gets pulled up
[18:56] Goomba: *swings from building to building*
[18:56] The Man: Dum de dumm *waiting*
[18:56] Goomba: *stops ontop of building

18:58] Goomba: *is ontop of building*
[18:58] Goomba: There he is
[18:58] Goomba: *grabs top of building*
[18:58] Goomba: *slowly goes down
[18:58] Goomba: *lets go*
[18:58] Goomba: So Man!
[18:59] Goomba: You aren't playing around!

[18:59] The Man: Hah!
[18:59] The Man: So we meet agin Mr Goomba!
[18:59] Goomba: Yes
[18:59] Goomba: isn't your outfit
[18:59] Goomba: a bit
[18:59] Goomba: camp?
[18:59] The Man: Or Deary what ever you prefer?!
[19:00] The Man: It is not camp!
[19:00] Goomba: It is
[19:00] Goomba: It has tassels
[19:00] Goomba: tassels!
[19:00] The Man: Well.....
[19:00] The Man: Tassels are cool
[19:01] Goomba: Never mind
[19:01] The Man: Anyway lets get this straight, where not here to discuss my Fashion!
[19:01] Goomba: I won't give you my robotic hand
[19:01] Goomba: It has my ipod!
[19:01] The Man: No!
[19:01] The Man: I will have your Hand!!

[19:12] Goomba: Man what will you do
[19:14] The Man: To Gillain?
[19:14] The Man: Kill Her!!
[19:14] Goomba: Ok
[19:14] Goomba: Do it
[19:15] Goomba: But would you
[19:15] Goomba: Kill such a sexy female
[19:15] The Man: You want to see Gillain die?
[19:15] The Man: Yeah sure......
[19:15] Goomba: Ok
[19:15] The Man: *Puts hand slowly towards button.....*
[19:16] Goomba: Hmm?
[19:16] The Man: Are you sure you want me to kill her?
[19:16] Goomba: Go on!
[19:16] The Man: Okay. Presses Buton
[19:17] The Man: By by Karen!
[19:17] Goomba: *Karen screams*
[19:17] Goomba: now now Pond
[19:17] Goomba: no time for pain!
[19:17] Goomba: *drags body back to IT department*
[19:17] Goomba: *5 minutes later*
[19:17] Goomba: Back!
[19:17] The Man: What happened?!
[19:17] Goomba: I am keeping the body
[19:17] The Man: That was so fast?!
[19:17] Goomba: for me
[19:18] The Man: Your weird......
[19:18] Goomba: tassels!
[19:18] The Man: But I still want your hand
[19:18] The Man: Tassels are cool!!!
[19:19] Goomba: right
[19:19] Goomba: ok!
[19:19] Goomba: I know what we can do
[19:19] Goomba: we can have a fight
[19:19] Goomba: and see who wins
[19:19] Goomba: whadda say?
[19:20] The Man: Okay
[19:20] Goomba: *grabs face*
[19:20] Goomba: *crushes
[19:21] The Man: AH!!!!
[19:21] Goomba: Right
[19:21] Goomba: what do I do with this
[19:21] The Man: Well......
[19:21] The Man: Replaces Face
[19:22] The Man: Smoothes
[19:22] Goomba: What!?
[19:22] Goomba: how did you do that?!
[19:22] The Man: That wasn't so bad
[19:22] The Man: Now my turn......
[19:22] The Man: *Punches in chest*
[19:22] Goomba: *grabs fist*
[19:22] Goomba: *throws
[19:23] Goomba: all the way into Greenland
[19:23] The Man: What?!!?!
[19:23] The Man: *Ten minutes later*
[19:23] The Man: I'm Back!
[19:23] Goomba: What did you get?
[19:23] The Man: *Hit's in Stomarch Five times*
[19:24] The Man: ah!
[19:24] MikeyFrench: My turn again!
[19:24] Goomba: You didn't get me a present?!
[19:24] The Man: Nope
[19:24] The Man: *Hits in face*
[19:24] Goomba: Ah
[19:24] Goomba: Right ok
[19:24] Goomba: *punches through stomarch

19:25] Goomba: and burns body
[19:25] Goomba: right
[19:25] Goomba: now he is dead
[19:25] The Man: *Hand moves from body......*
[19:26] The Man: *Moves to bolts and other things and starts bulding*
[19:27] The Man: Well hello tyhere!
[19:27] Goomba: Guess what?
[19:27] Goomba: I have a virus
[19:27] The man: WHAT?!
[19:27] Goomba: what operating system do you use?
[19:27] Goomba: for your robot body
[19:27] The Man: Gingobio Tech
[19:28] Goomba: Brilliant
[19:28] MikeyFrench: Why Brillaint?
[19:28] Goomba: *plugs USB with virus in it*
[19:28] Goomba: that is why
[19:28] The Man: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:29] Goomba: *gets brain
[19:29] Goomba: destroys
[19:29] Goomba: He can't come back
[19:29] Goomba: he has no brain
[19:29] The Man: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

19:30] Goomba: *kicks body*
[19:30] Goomba: dead
*walks to IT Department*
[19:31] Goomba: *checks DWT*
[19:31] Goomba: No PMs
[19:31] Goomba: *looks at Karen*
[19:31] Goomba: Time for some fun!


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Re: The Adventures Of Goomba

Post  Drsuperwho on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:23 pm

Episode Two:

Back to The Future of Goomba

[17:01] The Man: Muahahamaha!!
[17:01] The Man: Now to formulate my new plan!
[17:01] The Man: This time I shal.....
[17:01] The Man: Errrr........
[17:01] The Man: Go back in time and.....
[17:02] The Man: Nick Goomba's hand before he puts it in him!
[17:02] The Man: YEAH!!!!!!
[17:02] The Man: *Gets up and starts messing with buttons*
[17:02] The Man: Muahahamaha!!
17:03] The Man: BANG!
[17:03] The Man: Uoh!
[17:03] The Man: It's young Goomba!
[17:04] Goomba: Dododo
[17:04] Goomba: *has chocolate bar*
[17:04] The Man: Hello Goomba!
[17:04] The Man: Muahamamaha!
[17:05] Goomba: I'm scared
[17:05] The Man: I am the Man!
[17:05] The Man: Give me your Electronic Hand!
17:06] Goomba: *looks at both hands*

[17:06] Goomba: I don't have eletroynic hand
[17:06] The Man: Yes you do!
[17:06] The Man: *Looks at hands*
[17:06] The Man: Oh yeah.......
[17:06] The Man: Dambungule! I must have gone to far back.....
[17:07] The Man: *At that moment The Man is hit by the bus that knocked Goomba down whihc severed his hand which was the reason he got his electric hand*
17:08] Goomba: AHH
[17:08] Goomba: *runs into house*
[17:08] The Man: Uhhhh!
[17:09] The Man: Whhhha-t ha-ppend.....
[17:09] The Man: *The man presses the button thing that sends him back and forward in time*
[17:09] The Man: *In the Present*
[17:09] The Man: What happened?
[17:10] The Man: *Looks at the news*
[17:10] News Caster: Hello, this is the world news
[17:10] News Presenter: Millioanair, Goomba
[17:11] News Presenter: Has bought half of London for his Super Cool Funhouse
[17:11] News Presenter: This is What Goomba had to say:
[17:11] Goomba: well
[17:11] Goomba: I didn't take the important bit
[17:13] News Presenter: But People still live in the bit you have bought?
[17:13] Goomba: Well they can live in the Super Cool Funhouse
[17:13] Goomba: Isn't that right,Karen my beautiful wife
[17:14] Karen Gillian: Yes it is my super Sexy Husband
[17:14] New Presenter: Erm, quite now the weather
[17:15] The Man: *The man switches off Telivision*
[17:15] The Man: WHAT?!
[17:15] The Man: What have I done?!
[17:16] The Man: I must go back in time!
[17:16] The Man: *Presses button*
[17:16] The Man: Hello Goomba!
[17:17] Goomba: Hi
[17:17] Goomba: why you here again?
[17:17] The Man: Sorry about this but it's for the best
[17:17] The Man: *Pushes Goomba infront off new bus*
[17:18] Goomba: AHHH
[17:18] Goomba: *SCREAMS*
[17:18] Goomba: *dies*
[17:18] The Man: Muahahamhah!
[17:18] The Man: WHAT?!
[17:18] The Man: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:18] The Man: He;s dead!!!!
[17:18] The Man: This is getting silly....
[17:19] The Man: *Presses Button*
[17:19] The Man: Hello Previous me!
[17:19] The Man: What the......
[17:19] The Man: *Hit's previous self on head and then dissapers*
[17:19] The Man: AHH!
[17:20] The Man: My head hurts.......
[17:20] The Man: Goomba! Of course!
[17:20] The Man: *Runs to the IT Department*
[17:21] The Man: *Knocks on Door*
[17:21] The Man: Hello?
[17:21] The Man: *Door opens*
[17:21] Goomba: *opens door*
[17:21] Goomba: AHH!
[17:21] Goomba: YOU
[17:21] Goomba: WHY ARE YOU HERE
[17:21] The Man: Yeah!
[17:22] The Man: Your okay aren't you?
[17:22] Goomba: I was with Karen-I mean watching the News...
[17:22] Goomba: Yes
[17:22] The Man: Is Karen alive?
[17:22] Goomba: take this
[17:22] Goomba: No
[17:22] Goomba: Her body is rottting
[17:22] The Man: YES!!!!
[17:22] Goomba: so you have it
[17:29] The Man: Have what?
[17:30] Goomba: Karen's rotting body 
[17:30] The Man: No
[17:30] The Man: Anyway
[17:30] The Man: Thanks a lot
[17:30] Goomba: Please?

[17:30] The Man: **Knockes him out with head*
[17:31] Goomba: *falls to ground
17:30] The Man: **Knockes him out with head*
[17:31] Goomba: *falls to ground*
[17:31] Goomba: *sends emergency shock through body*
[17:31] Goomba: *gets up*
[17:31] The Man: I'm fed up with you
[17:31] The Man: I'm off!
[17:32] The Man: But i'll be back for your hand!
[17:32] The Man: *Runs off
[17:32] Goomba: Wait!
[17:32] Goomba: Man?
[17:32] The Man: Why?!
[17:32] Goomba: *sprays with amesnia spray*
[17:32] The Man: AHHH!
[17:32] Goomba: *forgets where IT dep is*
[17:33] The Man: Where am I? Never mind I better go back to my lair


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Re: The Adventures Of Goomba

Post  Drsuperwho on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:26 pm

The Adventures Of Goomba:

Sherlock Meets Goomba!
Part One
Drsuperwho as Goomba (and other roles)
Goomba As Sherlock (and other roles)
MiloBio as John Watson (And another role.... Wink 8-) )

13:30] Goomba: *Is walking outside baker street*
[13:30] Goomba: Must get back to Karen
[13:30] Goomba: *Looks at the door infront of him*
[13:31] Goomba: 221b? What a strange adress.........
[13:31] John: *Suddenly comes bursting out of the door*
[13:31] Goomba: Erm hello!
[13:32] John: Hi, look, I really need to dash!
[13:32] Goomba: Okay.....
[13:32] Sherlock: *walks down*
[13:32] John: I'm on a job... well, sort of a job but not a job
[13:32] John: *Runs off*
[13:32] Sherlock: Your phone's here
[13:32] Goomba: Okaydokie........Strange chap
[13:32] Sherlock: You didn't for-oh never mind
[13:32] Sherlock: Hello
[13:32] Goomba: Hi! I'm Goomba!
[13:33] Sherlock: You're egotistic
[13:33] Goomba: What?!
[13:33] Sherlock: Your arm
[13:33] Sherlock: It is not there
[13:33] Goomba: How do you know?!
[13:33] Sherlock: Most likely an accident with a vehicle
[13:34] Sherlock: Most people wouldn't get a robot hand
[13:34] Sherlock: and if they did
[13:34] Goomba: Who are you?
[13:34] Sherlock: they would make it look human
[13:34] Sherlock: But you go all cyborg
[13:34] Sherlock: makes you feel superior
[13:34] Sherlock: helps your ego
[13:34] Sherlock: Because without that
[13:34] Sherlock: you're not that confident are you?
[13:35] Goomba: Your a rude person!
[13:35] Sherlock: I'm Sherlock Holmes
[13:35] Sherlock: You look cold
[13:35] Goomba: Well I'm Goomba!
[13:35] John: *Comes dashing back in*
13:35] Sherlock: John Your phone was here
[13:35] John: Umm Sherlock?
[13:35] Sherlock: Yes?
[13:35] John: Could I borrow you for a second?
[13:36] Sherlock: Why?
[13:36] John: If you don't mind leaving us for a second
[13:36] Sherlock: (
[13:36] Goomba: Okay.....
[13:36] John: Right, I was walking down the street
[13:36] John: and there was this strange old lady
[13:36] Sherlock: Yes?
[13:37] Goomba: *walks out but hides behind door*
[13:37] John: well, I THOUGHT it was an old lady
[13:37] John: she was wearing this hairnet
[13:37] Sherlock: Yes..
[13:37] John: yet it seemed to glow
[13:38] John: Anyway, I was staring at it and she gave me a dirty grin and I walked off
[13:38] Sherlock: I see..
[13:38] John: Don't you think it's a bit... odd...
[13:38] John: ?
[13:38] Sherlock: Very odd
[13:38] Sherlock: Now I am excited
[13:38] Sherlock: lets go
[13:38] Sherlock: C'mon Goomba
[13:38] Sherlock: No time to loose
[13:38] Goomba: *Nearly falls through door*
[13:38] Sherlock: *runs off*
[13:38] Goomba: Where are we-
[13:39] Goomba: *Follows Sherlock*
[13:39] Sherlock: Let me think
[13:39] Goomba: Where are we going?!
[13:40] Sherlock: Tower Bridge Road
[13:40] Sherlock: By the looks of things
[13:40] John: *Stops*
[13:40] John: Look!
[13:41] John: There she is *pointing at old lady*
[13:41] Sherlock: Don't point!
[13:41] John: Look at her head glowing!
[13:41] Goomba: Who are you two?!
[13:41] Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes
[13:41] Sherlock: Consulting Detective
[13:41] Sherlock: and that is Dr. John Watson
[13:41] Goomba: Well I've never heard of you.........
[13:42] Goomba: Have you heard of me?"
[13:42] Sherlock: No..
[13:42] Sherlock: Why though?
[13:42] Sherlock: Man with robotic hand
[13:42] Goomba: I'm Goomba!
[13:42] Sherlock: Who saves people
[13:42] Sherlock: This is very odd
[13:42] Sherlock: You would be everywhere
[13:43] Sherlock: Also you said something about Karen
[13:43] Goomba: Erm.........*looks sheepish*
[13:43] Sherlock: By the look on your face
[13:43] John: AHEM
[13:43] Sherlock: it isn't wife or girlfriend
[13:43] John: The old lady?
[13:43] Sherlock: You're shaking
[13:43] Sherlock: I am guessing a corpse
[13:43] Sherlock: and think Karen
[13:43] Sherlock: Karen Gillan
[13:43] Goomba: How did you know?!
[13:44] Sherlock: Deduction
[13:44] Sherlock: She is alive though
[13:44] Sherlock: anyways1
[13:44] Sherlock: What is that John?
[13:44] John: I thought we were looking for this old lady?
[13:44] John: She's getting away!
[13:44] John: And it looks like she's spotted us!
[13:44] Sherlock: *runs after*
[13:45] Sherlock: *grabs hairnet*
[13:45] Goomba: *Also runs*
[13:45] Sherlock: Ready?
[13:45] Sherlock: *runs back*
[13:45] Goomba: For what?!
[13:45] Sherlock: *at 221B*
[13:46] Sherlock: Welcome to my abode
[13:46] Goomba: What do we do now?
[13:46] Sherlock: Study this hairnet
[13:47] Goomba: Well what's so great about it?
[13:47] John: It looks normal to me
[13:47] Sherlock: You said it was glowing
[13:47] Goomba: Shouldn't we try and find the old woman?
[13:47] John: Are you sure we're not after what's UNDER it
[13:48] Sherlock: Oh dear
[13:48] Sherlock: *goes down to door*
[13:48] Sherlock: *old lady is at door*
[13:48] John: Look at her head!
[13:48] Goomba: What is she?
[13:49] John: *a glowing red bowl-shaped thing is on top of her head*
[13:49] Sherlock: What in the world...
[13:49] Goomba: Sherlock-erm what do we do?
[13:49] Sherlock: Close the door
[13:49] Sherlock: *closes*
[13:50] Goomba: What if she can walk throught doors?
[13:50] Sherlock: Walk through doors?
[13:50] John: Surely not...
[13:50] Sherlock: Don't be ridiculious
[13:51] Goomba: I've seen some od things in my time-
[13:51] John: *The old woman walks through the door*
[13:52] Goomba: Oh-
[13:52] Sherlock: Right
[13:52] Goomba: Should we run?
[13:52] John: Yup
[13:52] Sherlock: *pushes old woman*
[13:52] Sherlock: run
[13:52] Goomba: Where do we run?
13:53] John: *There is a massive explosion as the woman hits the floor*
[13:53] Goomba: Ah!
[13:54] Sherlock: She's dead
[13:54] Goomba: I think i'm bleeding......Wait it's nothing just a scratch
[13:54] Sherlock: *in the room*
[13:54] Sherlock: What was that?
[13:54] Sherlock: I can't wrap my head around it
[13:54] John: I don't know
[13:54] Sherlock: It is ridiculious
[13:55] Sherlock: Why was her head glowing!?
[13:55] Sherlock: Goomba maybe you know
[13:55] Goomba: Maybe she's an alien?
[13:56] Sherlock: Alien?
[13:56] John: Alien
[13:56] Goomba: Yes you know, outerspace
[13:56] John: Hmm
[13:57] Sherlock: *gets violin out*
[13:57] Sherlock: *plays*
[13:57] Goomba: But what would she want? Or maybe it?
[13:57] John: It was a disguise of some sort
[13:57] Sherlock: head gear
[13:58] Sherlock: why would she had a red helmet
[13:58] Goomba: But what was inside?
[13:58] John: Unless
[13:58] Sherlock: That isn't part of a good disguse
[13:58] Sherlock: it was something of alien tech
[13:58] John: it might have been natural phosphorescence?
[13:59] Goomba: What if John did an aurtopsy?
[13:59] Sherlock: Oh lovely!
[14:00] Sherlock: *runs down stairs*
[14:00] John: I know where this is going...
[14:00] Sherlock: *comes back up with a body*
[14:00] Sherlock: in the kitchen!
[14:00] Sherlock: *pushes jars off table*
[14:00] Sherlock: *glass smashes*
[14:00] Goomba: Your going to do it here?!
[14:01] Sherlock: Yes why not?
[14:01] Sherlock: I do all my studies here
[14:01] John: No time like the present, eh?
[14:02] Goomba: Your booth completly mad..............
[14:02] John: I have a head in the fridge you know!
[14:02] Goomba: Ah
[14:03] Goomba: *Sits down in a chair*
[14:03] Sherlock: John would you like to start?
[14:03] John: Right
[14:03] John: I need my tools
[14:03] Sherlock: *turns on TV*
14:04] News reporter: A woman called Lucy
[14:04] News reporter: has been abudcted
[14:04] News reporter: The 25 year old Yorkshire woman
[14:05] News reporter: Was last seen by a blue box
[14:05] News reporter: Her mother has this to say
[14:05] News reporter: 'I saw her with this man,I did!'
[14:05] News reporter: 'Strange man,she is always getting herself into trouble'
[14:05] News reporter: '*starts to cry*'
[14:05] News reporter: This has been BBC News
14:06] Sherlock: Yes!
[14:06] Sherlock: Abduction!
[14:06] Sherlock: I love these ones
[14:06] John: Right
14:07] Sherlock: *Police car pulls up*
[14:07] Sherlock: I like solving the case,yes
[14:07] Sherlock: Ah Lestrade!
[14:07] Sherlock: This about the
14:08] Lestrade: abduction yes
[14:08] Lestrade: Thought you would be interested
[14:08] Lestrade: Wait,what is that old woman doing there!
[14:08] Goomba: She's an alien
[14:08] Goomba: John's doing a post mourten on her
[14:09] Lestrade: Alien!?
[14:09] Lestrade: And who the hell are you!@/
[14:09] Goomba: Goomba!
[14:10] Sherlock: I will be behind the Police car
[14:10] Sherlock: c'mon
[14:10] Sherlock: *at the crime scene*
[14:10] Sherlock: Hello Sally
[14:11] John: Hello there Sally
[14:11] Sally: Hello Freak and co
[14:11] Sherlock: Sad that you can't have fun with Anderson
[14:12] Sally: I am not having *fun* with Anderson
[14:12] Sherlock: Do I have to say my point again?
[14:12] Sherlock: Never mind
[14:12] Sherlock: *lifts police tape up*
[14:12] Sherlock: C'mon Goomba
14:13] Goomba: Okay. Bye Sally
[14:13] Goomba: So who is this woman?
[14:14] Goomba: The one whos been kidnapped?
[14:14] Sherlock: Lucy Warren
[14:14] Sherlock: 25
[14:15] Sherlock: From Essex,moved to London
[14:15] Goomba: And she went of with this man?
[14:15] Sherlock: Yes
[14:15] Goomba: Not exaclty hedline news
[14:15] Goomba: People do iy all the time
[14:15] Sherlock: It is a bit
[14:15] Sherlock: Look
[14:15] Sherlock: No tire tracks
[14:15] Sherlock: anywhere
[14:15] Sherlock: and there was no car
[14:15] Sherlock: just a box
[14:15] Sherlock: But know it is gone
[14:16] Goomba: Maybe this bloke was an alien aswell?
[14:16] Sherlock: Working with the old woman maybe?

14:16] Sherlock: *goes up to Lucy's mum*
[14:17] Sherlock: Did the man ever say what he was called?
14:20] John: Hmm, "the Doctor"
[14:20] Sherlock: Hmm
[14:20] Sherlock: How did he come here
[14:21] Lucy's Mum: In a blue Police Teplhone Box
[14:21] Sherlock: What?
[14:21] Lucy's Mum: Like the one that ust to be round the corner where we lived back in the day
[14:21] Sherlock: I see
[14:21] Sherlock: *walks off
[14:21] Sherlock: TAXI!
[14:22] Sherlock: So Goomba
[14:22] Sherlock: what do you do
[14:22] Goomba: Well I.....
[14:22] Sherlock: When not trying to save the world
[14:22] Goomba: Play video games
[14:22] Sherlock: Alright
[14:22] Goomba: and have food
[14:23] Sherlock: So how do you save the world
[14:23] Goomba: With my hand
[14:23] Sherlock: I see...
[14:24] Sherlock: *Taxi pulls up at 221*
[14:24] Goomba: Great weapon against the man
[14:24] Sherlock: The man
[14:24] Sherlock: who is he?
[14:24] Sherlock: Arch Enemy
[14:24] Goomba: Yep
[14:24] Sherlock: Like me then
[14:25] Sherlock: Hello Mrs Hudson
[14:25] Goomba: In a nut shell a camp villain who is trying to rule the world
[14:27] Mrs hudson: Hello Sherlokc Dear,
[14:28] Sherlock: *goes upstairs*
[14:28] Sherlock: *gets laptop*
[14:28] Sherlock: *searches Doctor*
[14:29] Sherlock: Hmm
[14:29] John: What does it say?
[14:29] Sherlock: Just
[14:29] Sherlock: Normal doctor things
[14:29] Sherlock: Maybe I should be more specific
[14:29] John: Yes
[14:30] John: try "alien doctor"
[14:30] Sherlock: *image comes up*
[14:30] Sherlock:
[14:31] Goomba: Oh
[14:31] Sherlock: Maybe doctor with police box
[14:31] Goomba: Any luck?
[14:32] Sherlock: *sees link*
[14:32] Sherlock: Who is doctor who?
[14:32] Sherlock: *clicks*
[14:33] John: *sigh*
[14:33] Sherlock:
[14:33] Sherlock: Wrong person
[14:33] Goomba: How do you know?
[14:33] Sherlock: I looked at the CCTV footage
[14:34] Sherlock: Showed a man with hat and a scarf
[14:34] Goomba: Ah
[14:34] Sherlock: Who is this fellow then?
[14:35] Goomba: What about that one? *Points to image*
[14:36] Sherlock: Nonono
[14:36] Sherlock: Not him either
[14:36] Goomba: No it can't be........That pictures from 1963!
[14:37] Sherlock: Any other photos?
[14:38] Sherlock: I found one
[14:38] Sherlock: from the 70's!
[14:38] Sherlock:
[14:39] Goomba: Is that him?
14:39] Sherlock: Yes!
[14:39] Sherlock: Maybe it is a group
[14:39] Sherlock: Like an alliance
[14:39] Sherlock: called DOCTOR
[14:40] Goomba: An Aliance of Doctors?!
[14:41] Goomba: Do you think he was working with that old woman?
[14:43] Sherlock: Yes
[14:43] Sherlock: Or no
[14:43] John: I think so
[14:43] Sherlock: I am confused
[14:44] Goomba: This is weird......
[14:44] Sherlock: I never dealt with something like this
[14:44] Sherlock: It's fun!
[14:44] Sherlock: Search police box abudctions
[14:44] Goomba: So an alien is possibly working with a group of people called DOCTOR, to abduct people?
[14:45] Sherlock: Search it please
[14:46] Sherlock: *gets nicotine patches*
[14:46] Goomba: Types in *Blue Box dissaprences*
[14:46] Goomba: What are you doing?
[14:47] Sherlock: Thinking
[14:47] Sherlock: nicotine patches help me think
[14:47] Sherlock: First time with 6 patches
[14:47] Goomba: Six?!
[14:48] Sherlock: Yes
[14:48] Goomba: John your a Doctor tell him! Six is.......
[14:49] John: Six could be pretty dangerous
[14:50] Sherlock: I need to lose grasp of reality
[14:50] Sherlock: They could all be the same person
[14:52] Sherlock: Not the old lady
[14:53] John: Maybe they come booking a holiday
[14:54] Sherlock: Maybe
[14:54] Sherlock: Maybe
[14:56] Sherlock: Maybe he isn't abducting him
[14:56] Sherlock: People go on an adventure
[14:56] Sherlock: or like you said a holiday
[14:56] Goomba: I found this!
[14:57] Goomba: 2007: reports of a mysterious Blue Box In London
[14:57] John: Hang on
[14:57] John: shh
[14:57] John: I hear something
[14:58] John: *everything goes silent
14:58] Goomba: What's that noise?
14:59] John: Aagh my ears!
[14:59] John: *suddenly the noise stops with a "thud"*
[15:00] Sherlock: *runs outside*
[15:00] John: Sherlock - what should we do?
[15:00] John: *a man steps out of the blue box*
15:01] The Doctor: *he grins cheesily*
[15:01] The Doctor: I'm the Doctor, and we've got work to do!



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Re: The Adventures Of Goomba

Post  Drsuperwho on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:27 pm

Sherlock meets Goomba!
Part Two
Goomba as Sherlock
Pandorica as The Doctor
And DSW as Goomba/John Watson
The ADOG Team would also like to thank MiloBilo for appering as the fourth Doctor in Part one of this story.

11:29] Fourth Doctor: Why hello there!
[11:29] Fourth Doctor: You must be...?
[11:29] Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes
[11:30] Fourth Doctor: Ah! Really?
[11:30] Fourth Doctor: Well that's very interesting...
[11:30] Sherlock: Why?
[[11:30] Fourth Doctor: And you? Person with...oh nice Robotic Hand...
[11:30] Goomba/: I'm Goomba!

11:30] John: Who are you again.......
[11:31] Fourth Doctor: What a pleasure to meet you Goomba, Sherlock and who I presume is John Watson!
[11:31] Fourth Doctor: *shakes their hands*
[11:31] Fourth Doctor: I'm the Doctor.
[11:31] /John: Yes......I'm John Watson..

[11:31] Fourth Doctor: Right then, down to business.
[11:31] Fourth Doctor: I caught a signal of high energy patterns in this area...
[11:32] Fourth Doctor: Any of you know about it?
[11:32] Sherlock: No
[11:32] Sherlock: What are you doing here?
[11:32] Fourth Doctor: Well I might ask you the same question, so
[11:32] Fourth Doctor: What are YOU doing here?
[11:33] Sherlock: I live here
[11:33] Fourth Doctor: Well...good answer.
[11:33] Goomba/John: Sherlock who is he....
[11:33] Sherlock: The doctor
[11:33] Fourth Doctor: I'm here because the TARDIS picked up energy patterns, and I decided to drop by.
[11:33] Sherlock: Here c'mon in
[11:33] Fourth Doctor: Why thank you.
[11:33] Fourth Doctor: *walks into the house*
[11:33] Fourth Doctor: cheesey waffles
[11:35] Fourth Doctor: Hmm...what an interesting house...
[11:36] Fourth Doctor: *takes hat off and looks for a hatstand but doesn't see one, puts hat in pocket*
[11:36] John: Sherlock..........How this bloke know about you and me? and Goomba.....I mean we just only met him
[11:36] Fourth Doctor: Well you're very famous you know.
[11:36] Fourth Doctor: *delves in pocket, taking out fob watch, flicks open*
[11:36] Fourth Doctor: Ah...2011.
[11:37] Fourth Doctor: So not exactly the right Sherlock Holmes...
[11:37] Fourth Doctor: *puts watch back and takes out bag*
[11:37] Fourth Doctor: Would you like a Jelly Baby?
[11:37] Goomba: Well I've never heard of you! Nor have I heard of these two!
[11:38] Sherlock: How about this body?
[11:38] Fourth Doctor: What>
[11:38] Fourth Doctor: *looks to the floor*
[11:38] Fourth Doctor: *crouches down*
[11:38] Goomba: Yeah do you know the old woman?!
[11:39] Fourth Doctor: No...but that hairnet is pulsing with energy...
[11:39] Fourth Doctor: That must have been the signal!
[11:40] Fourth Doctor: So Sherlock, you're the expert at investigating here, why would a hairnet contain millions of energy?
[11:40] Sherlock: Hmm
[11:40] Fourth Doctor: *eats Jelly Baby*
[11:41] Sherlock: Power source
[11:41] Sherlock: getting information
[11:41] John: Sherlock what the hell is going on? A weird old woman, a guy with a robot hand and now a time traveller!
[11:41] Fourth Doctor: Yes...this hairnet reminds me of something...
[11:41] Fourth Doctor: I just can't place my finger on it...
[11:41] Fourth Doctor: AHA!
[11:42] Fourth Doctor: Oh..that's not good.
[11:42] Fourth Doctor: Well if their worst enemies are here then maybe they're here too...
[11:43] John: Sherlock should I do that postmortem?
[11:44] John: You know the one we where going to do before.....
[11:44] Fourth Doctor: Don't touch that hairnet.
[11:44] Sherlock: Yes!
[11:44] Sherlock: Why?
[11:44] Fourth Doctor: It's a malevolent alien lifeform.
[11:44] John: *Get's medical stuff out*
[11:45] John: Right then, i'll start!
[11:45] John: *makes a small line on the forehead*
[11:45] John: *cuts into head*
[11:45] Fourth Doctor: Hang on.
[11:45] Fourth Doctor: Stop.
[11:45] Fourth Doctor: The hairnet's moving.
[11:46] John: What?!
[11:46] Fourth Doctor: I knew it.
[11:46] Fourth Doctor: It's a Rutan.
[11:46] John: A what?
[11:46] Fourth Doctor: *takes out sonic screwdriver*
[11:46] Fourth Doctor: A shape-changing amphibious creature.
[11:46] Fourth Doctor: At war with the Sontarans
[11:47] Fourth Doctor: Potato headed small chaps.
[11:47] Fourth Doctor: *activates sonic screwdriver*
[11:47] Fourth Doctor: *the hairnet stops*
[11:47] Fourth Doctor: Yes!
[11:47] Fourth Doctor: *picks it up*
[11:47] Fourth Doctor: *opens window, and throws it outside*
[11:47] Fourth Doctor: Don't worry, it's dead.
[11:47] John: Oh good
[11:47] Sherlock: Alright
[11:48] Sherlock: what do we do with the old body
11:48] Fourth Doctor: Anything you want.
[11:48] Fourth Doctor: I don't want it certainly.
[11:48] Goomba: I think.......I think...........I'm going to be sick!
11:48] Sherlock: Hmm
[11:48] Fourth Doctor: *takes out plastic bag from pocket*
[11:49] Fourth Doctor: *hands to Goomba*
[11:49] Sherlock: I could use it for experiments
[11:49] Fourth Doctor: Use that.
[11:49] Sherlock: *puts body in cupboard*
[11:49] Goomba: *Is sick in bag*
[11:49] Goomba: By the way can I have the old womans body?
[11:50] Fourth Doctor: *raises eyebrow*
[11:50] Fourth Doctor: What for?
[11:50] Sherlock: No
[11:50] Sherlock: I want it
[11:50] Goomba: To keep Karen comapny.....
[11:50] Goomba: Oh okay you can have it!
[11:50] Fourth Doctor: Karen?
[11:50] Fourth Doctor: Who's Karen>
[11:50] Sherlock: Dead corpse
[11:50] Goomba: Yeah.........*looks nervese*
[11:50] Fourth Doctor: You do realise this is dead?
[11:50] Sherlock: to suits his pervy needs
[11:50] Fourth Doctor: Mind your language, please.
[11:51] Fourth Doctor: Anyway, I'm off.
[11:51] Goomba: I'm not pervy......
[11:51] Goomba: Where are you going?
11:51] Fourth Doctor: Now I've found out the source of the energy there's no point in me sticking around.
[11:51] Fourth Doctor: Bye-bye!
[11:52] Fourth Doctor: *puts hat on*
[11:52] Fourth Doctor: *walks outside*
[11:52] Goomba: Wow
[11:52] Fourth Doctor: *shouts* I'll come and visit you in a minute!
[11:52] Fourth Doctor: *opens door to TARDIS*
[11:53] Fourth Doctor: *walks inside*
[11:53] Fourth Doctor: *door is still open*
[11:53] Goomba: *Goomba runs in*
[11:53] Fourth Doctor: *door shuts, TARDIS dematerialises*
[11:53] Goomba: Can you put me by the bus stop?
[11:53] Goomba: Can you put me by the bus stop?
[11:53] Fourth Doctor: What?
[11:53] Fourth Doctor: How did you get in here?
[11:54] Goomba: Kind of walked in.......
[11:54] Fourth Doctor: That stupid door...
[11:54] Fourth Doctor: *sighs*
[11:54] Fourth Doctor: Where do you want to go?
[11:55] Goomba: The buss stop by my house
[11:55] Fourth Doctor: What time?
[11:55] Goomba: err.........2 hours ago?
11:55] Fourth Doctor: Right.
[11:55] Fourth Doctor: *pushes buttons and pulls lever*
[11:55] Fourth Doctor: *TARDIS materialises*
[11:56] Goomba: *opens door*
[11:56] Goomba: Seyah!
11:56] Fourth Doctor: Goodbye.
[11:56] Goomba: *Walks to bus stop8
[11:57] Fourth Doctor: *TARDIS dematerialises*
[11:57] Goomba: Wonder what ever happend to that Sherlock bloke and that other one.......Watson something
11:57] Goomba: Wait!
[11:58] Goomba: This isn't where I live!
[11:58] Goomba: Dam that Doctor!
[11:58] Scott Pilgrim: *comes out of kitchen door*
[11:58] Scott Pilgrim: *silence*
[11:58] Scott Pilgrim: ...
[11:58] Scott Pilgrim: RAMONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Re: The Adventures Of Goomba

Post  Drsuperwho on Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:29 am

Is anbody reading these? Sad


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Re: The Adventures Of Goomba

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